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The touristic fusion of the townships of Deutschfeistritz, Gratkorn, Gratwein-Strassengel, Peggau and Übelbach has added enormously to the region’s diversity, with wonderful treasures of culture and nature. The region of OberGraz has been rediscovered as an outing destination in recent years by day trippers from the state capital of Graz. And even guests from far beyond the borders of our Federal State of Styria enjoy the wide-ranging attractions, experience our unique cultural and sport facilities, and spend happy days with all kinds of activities in the region.

Come and enjoy the region of OberGraz – there’s something for everyone!


Sights of the region:

Freilichtmuseum Stübing

Stift Rein

Lurgrotte Peggau

Sensenwerk Deutschfeistritz